Who are the PriceMATCHERZ?


Bridget and Brandice are sisters who love to shop and are always in search of the next great deal.

About Bridget

Bridget is a stay at home mother of three little girls. She grew tired of running from store-to-store in an effort to save money on groceries. She turned to price matching (at Walmart) to save time, effort, sanity and of course money. After finding the local Walmart (in a rural area) matched ads in a large city, nearly two hours away, it opened up a whole new world of possibilities for getting groceries at rock bottom prices.

Bridget is known in her hometown as a couponing guru. However, she realized not everyone had the organizational skills and time for couponing.  She began making a list of local price matches for the week and e-mailing it out to her friends.  The e-mail list continued to grow and she knew there was a true interest in price matching when she was checking out at Walmart and a lady in front of her whom she had never met was using her price matching list.

About Brandice

Brandice is a working mom, who spends 40 plus hours a week at the office. Because of her fulltime duties at the office and at home, she does not have the time to sift through the weekly fliers and travel from store-to-store to get  the best prices on groceries. She uses price matching as a way to centralize her shopping trip while conveniently saving money and precious time.