How Price Matching Saved My Sanity

 My three shopping helpers

My three shopping helpers

About three years ago a friend and I were really into couponing.  We would clip coupons together, discuss different deals and drink enormous amounts of creamer with a little coffee.  Our girls were both three and played well together so it was a wonderful time for all of us.  To get most of my deals, I would travel thirty minutes and visit four or fives stores in one trip, with only one child it was no problem. 

Fast forward to current day, and I now have three little girls, my friend has moved away; and running to four or fives stores is driving myself and my girls insane. When we get done shopping we are a hot mess.  So in a prayer for sanity I realized that my kids were not the problem, but that my choice to do all these "deals" was the problem and I had to find a way to simplify. 

I asked my local Walmart manager if they would price match a larger town thirty minutes away, and they do.  This has opened up more stores to price match.  I urge everyone to ask their Walmart manager what towns they price match, you might be surprised!

Positive changes price matching has had on my life
-By only going to one store with a strict list I am able to stay well within my $50 per week amount.
-I still use coupons and just stack them with a price match for great savings.
-I am buying a lot more produce which means that my family is eating healthier.
-I stay in town and save the gas money, which these days really adds up fast. 

In about the time that it took me to just drive to the other stores we are finished with our shopping and ready to spend time doing something other than driving each other insane in a store.