Cook A Weeks Worth of Meals in One Hour


When preparing supper why not prep for meals the rest of the week!!! When meal planning think of meals that have a couple of common ingredients that can be prepared ahead. Here are some of my favorite things to cook or prepare ahead.

-cook multiple pounds of hamburger or sausage at a time and then use it throughout the week in soup, sloppy joes, tacos, casseroles etc.

-Saute or grill multiple pounds of chicken to throw into your meals. I like to fill the grill up with chicken, it takes the same amount of time and then I have grilled chicken to use in salads or chicken sandwiches.

-During the winter we have soup at least once a week so I go ahead and put it together while the meats are cooking and then add the meat when it is finished. I put it in the fridge and warm it up for supper another night.

-I also cut up all the vegetables that are in recipes for that week. I already have the cutting board and knife dirty may as well chop everything for your meals at one time. I love cutting back on clean up!!! My mom recommended putting all the vegetables for each meal in a container and labeling it.

What do you think about getting all the meal preparations done in one night?