Price Matching 101


What is price matching and how can it save me $100's of dollars each year?

Walmart has a company wide policy that if a competitor has a better price then Walmart will match it!  But you are probably thinking “I don't have time to look through all the grocery ads”.  This is where PriceMATCHERZ comes in.  We look through the ads for you and make a list of the best deals for your area for that week.  So how do you get started price matching with our help?

-Every week check your city's list on PriceMATCHERZ.  Usually the lists change on Wednesday but you can tell by the beginning and end date listed on each store.

-We have added a coupon page to help you save even more without a ton of effort.  On the coupon page you can print 2 copies of a coupon.  After you print one go to the last page of the coupons and you can print a second.  Some times coupons will become active again, so we recommend browsing the coupons each week to see what is available.  We have started putting a COUPON ALERT next to the items that there is a coupon for to help you save.

-When in the store find the exact item listed.  Needs to be the same size, brand etc.  It does get a little tricky with fruit and vegetables, make sure that Walmart prices the items the same as the item listed for example if apples are .68/lb and Walmart sells them .30 each that cannot be price matched.  My Walmart price matches store brand labels but not all do. 

-Sometimes there are limits listed in the competitors ad so we list those as well.  Some Walmarts enforce the limits and others do not.  We put those on there for your information and feel free to ask a manager what their store policy is.

-Once you have found all your deals proceed to the registers!  I like to find a nice young person with a pleasant demeanor ;)  I place all the items I am not price matching on the belt first and then my price matching items last.  I tell the cashier “I have some price matches on these items”.  I put all the same items together so they only have to enter the price once and then can hit enter for each additional purchase.  The cashier asks the price, I tell the them and sometimes they ask which store the price came from.  If you need the store information and don't know look at your cities list and each store is listed.  Important Note!!!  You are not price matching our website, Pricematcherz never needs to come into the conversation, we just put the information together to help you save money without looking at the ads.  

-If you have coupons hand those over to the cashier and watch the total drop even more!!!

We believe this is the easiest way to trim your grocery budget with minimal effort.  If you have been price matching for a while have you noticed a difference in your budget?