Savings Catcher-FAIL! Why you should still price match

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Walmart's Savings Catcher program claims to automatically check the prices you paid against local advertised retailers and refund you the difference if you overpaid.  I had read reviews that there are glitches with this program and it doesn't "catch" all the sales.  Those warnings were enough for me to continue use list to price match with the cashier when I check out..  However, I ran into Walmart for a few items for a family party and I was in such a hurry that I forgot to price match my cream cheese. (Shoot!)  I put my receipt into the Savings Catcher because Philadelphia cream cheese was on sale for 1.49 at another store in town and priced at 2.38 in Walmart.  When I got the results back from Savings Catcher it said No Lower Prices Found.  Luckily, I only bought a couple items and didn't loose out on a large savings.  
The bottom line is the Savings Catcher does not catch every lower price.  If you are looking to maximize your savings price match using your list from and never overpay for groceries.