3 Tips to Reduce Your Holiday Stress and Grocery Budget by 50%!!!

Feel that change in the air?  Look out the window and the leaves just keep on dropping and inside their is the sound of non stop football watching, IT IS FALL!  Our minds turn to the upcoming holidays and the anticipation of time together with loved ones and everyone else that shows up.  With the holidays comes to do lists, stress, shopping and stress...did I mention STRESS?  One of the ways I love to relieve some of this stress is to score amazing prices on my groceries during the holiday season.  There is something about scoring green beans at a third of the price that gives me hope that everything will go smoothly (deep sigh and relax the shoulders).  So here are 3 tips to help you plan and save big this holiday season.

1. Plan Ahead!  Have a game plan as to what you are serving or contributing to the meals.  This way when the ingredients you need go to an amazing price you feel like the all-star you are by knowing how many you need and cutting the cost of your dish in half.  

2. The lowest prices are generally not the week of Thanksgiving or Christmas.  The lowest prices usually come out the week before.  So if you shop ahead you will save the stress of super busy stores, empty shelves and enjoy huge savings!

3.  The best way to spread holiday cheer is to is to price match with your favorite Walmart cashier!  We all know that time and money are precious during the holidays.  The solution to avoid going into a holiday melt down is to score the best prices all at one place.  Check your FREE pricematcherz list so when those green beans for your delicious green bean casserole go to that ROCK BOTTOM price you are ready to stock up and contribute to all your gatherings!  

We truly love helping people save their sanity during this crazy time of year.  What other tips do you have?