I'm Not a Hoarder, I Just Bake A Lot!

That moment that all bakers dread happened today!  I was going to make some banana bread out of 6 sad and squishy bananas.  I went to the fridge to get the butter out, already thinking of the wonderful smells that would be filling my home soon.  I open the fridge to find an empty box of butter, I go to the freezer, yes butter has a great life span in the freezer, and I have RAN OUT of BUTTER!!!  I stock up on butter during Thanksgiving and Christmas when it goes to rock bottom prices usually around 1.99.  When it hits that price I buy 20 not wanting to look too crazy, and then I go back and buy 20 more!  You may think this lady is obsessed with butter...you might be right.  But I am also crazy about getting the best price and buying enough to last us until the next sale cycle.  

Some Questions may arise out of this...How do you know when to stock up?  Why do you stock up?  and How do I not become a hoarder of groceries?

How do you know when to stock up?  I have included a list below of my stock up prices.  When an item hits that price I buy enough for a 6 months or so.  Now as we all know some items will rarely hit those prices so if an item get close I will buy 3 months worth or so.  Some items recently that have not hit my stock up price are beef and eggs.  So being flexible and trying to meal plan without these items or as little as possible is best to keep within a budget.  

Why do I stock up?  Let's use my butter example if I buy 40 packages of butter at 1.99 I spend $80 if I buy it regular price through out the year at $4.00 per package I spend $160.  So by being aware of a good price and buying enough to last a long time it adds up to major savings over the year.  Plus it also hurts my heart a little to fork out $4 for a box of butter.  

How do I not become a hoarder of groceries?  I have seen on the TLC show about couponing, that those people who stock up really look like they are hoarding groceries, some are more organized than others but still!  So are there times when I look like a grocery hoarder?  Yes but that is just because cereal went on sale for .50 a box and I knew that was the lowest price I would see in a while, or canned goods around the holidays are at an all time low and they last for years.  The way I keep a balance is to use most of my supply before stocking up again.  If I still have 3 months worth of an item and it goes on sale I will pass up the sale to try and use up the items I already have.  Finding a balance is key!

Being aware of the price of your groceries and stocking up when you spot an awesome sale can save your family THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!  That is no joke!  

Stock Up Price List 

Milk gallon 1.99
Milk 1/2 gallon .99
cheese 8 oz. .99
cream cheese .50
butter 1.75
eggs .99
sour cream 16 oz. .99
yogurt .25 per serving
cottage cheese 16 oz. .99

strawberries .99/lb
raspberries 6 oz. .99
blueberries 1 pint .99
mangoes .49 each
avocados .29 each
bananas .29/lb
grapes .99/lb
watermelon 2.99 each
carrots (whole) 2 lb. bag .89
apples .75/lb
oranges .75/lb
pears .80/lb
three pack colored bell peppers 1.29
mushrooms 8 oz. pkg .79
I don't pay over .99/lb for fruits or vegetables and if I get something even lower...bonus!

frozen pizzas (Like DiGiorno) 2.99
frozen vegetables 16 oz. bag .89
frozen fruit 16 oz. bag .99
Ice cream 56 oz. 1.50

chicken breast 1.69/lb
whole chicken .69/lb
chicken legs and thighs .49/lb
ground beef 80% lean 1.98/lb
ground beef 93% lean 2.49/lb
beef roast 2.49/lb
pork chops 1.79/lb
pork loin 1.69/lb
ground sausage .99/lb
bacon 2.49/lb
pork butt/roast .99/lb

ketchup 40 oz. .99
mustard .25 or less
pickles 1.00 (unless it is Claussen my husband loves those)
mayonnaise 30 oz. 1.49
Jelly/jam 1.00
peanut butter 1.00
pasta .50
pasta sauce .75
tomato sauce or paste .25
canned vegetables .25
cream of mushroom, chicken etc. .25
chocolate chips 1.75
crackers $1
cereal $1
brownie mix .75
cake mix .50
salad dressing .99
brown sugar 2 lb. bag .99
powered sugar 2 lb. bag .99
sugar 4 lb. bag 2.00 or less
bread .75
chips (name brand full size bag) 1.00

Capri sun .98
coffee 12 oz. bag 3.99
coffee creamer 16 oz. 1.00
Soda products 12 oz. cans 12 pk, 6 pk 24 oz. bottles 2.50
2 liter bottles .49
bottled water .10/bottle  
sports drinks 32 oz. bottles .50

paper towels .50/roll
zip lock bags 1.00
kitchen trash bags 80 ct. 4.99
toilet paper .45 per double roll
dishwasher detergent 2.50
I use vinegar and water to clean pretty much everything so I don't buy cleaners :)
I make my own laundry detergent, which saves lots of $$$  

wipes 64 ct. 1.00
diapers .08 per diaper is a great price

If there is a certain item that you buy frequently and would like to see listed let us know and we can updated that information.  Hope this helps you be a more strategic price matcher!