Savings Catcher, I Want My Money Back

Walmart has an app that is called the Savings Catcher that they are trying to encourage shoppers to use instead of price matching.  You submit your receipt and they will go through the receipt and let you know if they find a lower price on your items.  When this program first rolled out I was very apprehensive.  I did a test a year ago and found that the item I had bought and forgot to price match was not caught by the Savings Catcher...disappointed.  So I decided to try an experiment once again hoping that maybe the system has been able to work some of the "bugs" out.  I bought five different items to see what would happen after I submitted it to the Savings Catcher.  I heard back 3 days later that they had found a better price on two of the items...all of the items should have had a better again!   

Here is my beef with the Savings Catcher

-They will not find a better price on produce, meats and non grocery items.  I have huge savings on produce so that is a strike against Savings Catcher for me.  

-I like to save the money up front and not wait three days to see if Walmart would like to give me an ecard with my savings on it.  

-The main down fall for me is not even Savings Catcher itself.  The HUGE ELEPHANT SIZED negative is that if I am not finding out what is on sale and shopping with my eyes closed to amazing sales, I am missing out on the biggest possibility to save money.  For example if Cheerios are on sale for $1 per box and I do not know will I buy a box or ten?  Cereal at a dollar is a stock up price for me and if I am not aware of sales then I am paying way too much for groceries.  

So is there a time that I would recommend using Savings Catcher?  Yes, I do like to submit my receipts after I have checked my Pricematcherz list and done my price matching at the register.  Any extra money at that point is a pure bonus!  Keep on checking your Pricematcherz list to keep a keen eye on amazing sales and keep on price matching.