Walmart Policy Changes and YOU!

There have been a few new changes made to the Walmart Ad Match Policy and so far they are causing some issues for the everyday Pricematcherz fan.  The main complaint that we are hearing is that “They are requiring the ads!”  The reason that they are saying they want to see the ad is because of this...

    “We do not require customers to have the ad with them to honor a competitor's ad, but we reserve the right to verify an ad at any time; we also require the store to verify the ad if there is a difference in price greater than 25% from the competitor.”

In order to “verify the price”  the cashier is saying that they require an ad.  So what do we do from here?  Each check out stand is supposed to have a binder with ads in them to assist the cashiers in verifying the price.  If they do not have this I offer to show them the ad on my cell phone so they can verify the price.  All the stores on our Pricematcherz lists have a link to the store’s website where the ad can be accessed.  I have personally done this many times and it has worked great!  I actually got the idea from a CSM that was using her phone to verify prices when the ad was not available.  Well what do to if they still do not like either of our solutions?  Ask very politely and nicely to speak with a manager, they are a great resource when working through price matching issues!  

It is important to remember that when a cashier is verifying a price they are doing their job and it is not a personal attack on you or your integrity.  To be honest, I like it when my items are checked it makes me hopefully that some of the fraud that is going on will be eliminated and that Walmart will continue their price match policy for years to come!  

One more item of concern that we have heard from our Pricematcherz Fans is that they are not “honoring or accepting the Pricematcherz list”!  What they are honoring is the competitor prices and their policies!  Pricematcherz is a tool for you to use to make your price matching experience easier and never has to come into the conversation while price matching.  What the cashier needs to know is the price and the store in which the item is advertised.  If it makes it simpler for you check your Pricematcherz list, jot down the items that you are going to buy with the size, price and store.  That is all the information needed to be successful at price matching!  

If you have have a great experience thank your cashier and its ok to do a little fist pump to celebrate your savings!   As always we are so happy and grateful to be helping families save time and money!