Get your PLAN together and cut your grocery bills!

I hate paying full price for groceries and what determines if I come in at or under my grocery budget for the month boils down to:  DID I HAVE & STICK to my PLAN???  It can almost go without being mentioned  (but I have to in case anyone is new to to get ALL the local deals in one stop I price match at Walmart!  Here is the break down of how I save 20-50% on groceries:

1. Look in your cupboards and fridge for what items you have and need to eat. 
2. Check your city list on to see what is on sale for the week.
3. Print this Ah-MAZING free printable to plan your menu for the week and organize your groceries and price match up required to pull it off.

My final instruction and probably the hardest; after walk through the entrance of Walmart and say hello to the friendly greater, GET ONLY WHAT IS ON YOUR LIST!  This may sound simple but with all the distractions it takes great control.