Possible Changes to Walmart Price Match Policy

Starting in June Walmart is eliminating Price Matching in a small select market, 500 of their 5000 Walmart stores.  They are going to start special long term roll backs on thousands of products.  Walmart is claiming these roll backs will make prices even lower.  

As of right now there is no official statement from Walmart that this is going to happen nationwide or long term.

Honestly, we feel that most of our areas will be unaffected but we would appreciate your help in notifying us if you see signs advertising a policy change at your Walmart.  

If you do see the elimination of the price match policy signs at your store we would recommend you contact Walmart Corporate and let them know your disappointment.  We do feel this is a test to see how customers respond to the policy change.  

Comment below to let us know if you have seen the policy change signs and your thoughts.

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