Price Match Your Wedding

The average wedding cost in America is $25,000  but we are not "average"!  In January, my husband and I got married and we were determined to stay under a $5,000 budget with potentially 350 guests attending. We began to research the price difference between making our reception meal versus hiring a caterer. We discovered that if we made the food ourselves, we would save over $1500!! You know what happened next… we began learning the ins and outs of buying and cooking in BULK. We had learned about price matching from my sister and decided to compare price matching items at Walmart to buying in bulk. We were ecstatic to learn that price matching at Walmart was significantly cheaper than purchasing items in bulk! We found ourselves checking the weekly updates on to see what items from our wedding meal list were on sale. We bought over 90 of cans of green beans at .25 a piece, 60 cans of cream of chicken soup at .42 each, 80 bags of frozen hash browns for $1.30 a bag, and the list goes on and on. We saved over a thousand dollars by price matching and preparing our own food for our big day and everything tasted amazing! At first we were leery about taking on the huge endeavor of feeding hundreds of our closest family and friends, but we are so happy that we took on the challenge! So, if you have a big event coming up consider preparing the meal yourself and use to help you save even more!

Thank you Brendell for sharing your experience with us!

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