Concordia Price Match List 2/25/15

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Great News!!!  We have contacted your Walmart and they will match grocery prices in Salina and Clay Center.  

Price Match List for Concordia KS.


Aldi Feb 25-March 3
baby carrots 16 oz pkg .69 STOCK UP
lemons .25 each
grape tomatoes 10 oz. .99 STOCK UP
baking potatoes 5 lb. bag .99 STOCK UP
navel oranges 4 lb. bag 1.68 STOCK UP

Dillons Feb 25-March 3
strawberries 16 oz. 2.00
green asparagus 1.99/lb
beef round roast top or bottom 3.99/lb
Heritage Farm bacon 12 oz. 1.99 STOCK UP
Quaker Cap'n Crunch or Life cereal 10.3-14 oz. 2.50
Post cereal 11-14.75 oz. 2.50
Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats 15-18 oz. 2.50
Kashi GoLean cereal 13.1-14 oz. 2.50
eggplant .99 each
mangos .99 each
Mom's Best naturals cereal 11.5-16.5 oz. 1.50
DiGiorno pizza or California pizza kitchen 12.6-34.2 oz. 5.00
Quaker Popped chips 3-3.52 oz. 1.00
Pepsi or 7UP products 2 liters 1.00 (must buy 5)
Gatorade or G2 32 oz..89 (must buy 8)
Quaker instant oatmeal 8-10 ct. 2.00
Sunchips 7 oz 2.00
pork shoulder butt roast bone-in 1.99/lb

Thriftway Feb 25-March 3
boneless center cut pork chop 1.99/lb
boneless beef bottom round roast 3.99/lb
Charmin basic 12 double rolls 4.99
braeburn apples .99/lb
avocados .69 each
Kraft Deli sliced cheese 7-8 oz. 1.99
yellow onions 3 lb. bag 1.00
Texas toast strips or croutons 3.5-5 oz. 1.00

Apple Market Feb 25-March 3
Farmland sausage roll or links 8-12 oz. 1.00 STOCK UP!!
Pilgrim's chicken leg quarters fresh .88/lb
country style pork for bbq fresh bone-in 1.78/lb
fresh bone-in Boston style pork butt roast 1.28/lb STOCK UP
Campbell's chicken noodle or tomato soup 10.75 oz. .58
Kraft cheese cubes, cracker cuts, crumbles, shredded or chunk cheese 5-8 oz. 1.49 (must buy 10)
roma tomatoes .99/lb
Kraft Natural cheese slices 7-8 oz. 1.99
Taco Bell taco dinner kit 8.85-14.6 oz. 1.40 (must buy 2)
Taco Bell crunchy taco shells 12 ct. .75 (must buy 2)
Taco Bell thick & chunky salsa 16 oz. 1.20 (must buy 2)
Taco Bell Refried beans 16 oz. .65 (must buy 2)
Taco Bell taco sauce 7.5-8 oz. .85 (must buy 2)
Taco Bell fajita or Taco seasoning mix 1-1.4 oz. .40 (must buy 2)
Taco Bell bold & creamy sauce 8 oz. 1.10 (must buy 2)
Taco Bell Salsa Con Queso 15 oz. 1.40 (must buy 2)


Prices Valid March 1-7
Dawn Dish Liquid 9oz .99 COUPON ALERT
Pepsi Products, 7up, A&W, Sunkist or Canada Dry 3.00 (limit 3)
Hersheys Candy 1.4-1.85oz .69
Folgers Coffee 10.3-11.3oz 3.49
Maxwell House Coffee 29.3-30.6oz 7.99
Pampers Jumbo Pk 18-37pk 9.49 COUPON ALERT
McCafe Coffee 12oz 12pk 5.99 COUPON ALERT
Kelloggs Cereal 8.7-13.7oz 2.00

Prices Valid  March 1-7
Tide 150oz, 90 load LIquid or 72ct Pods 17.99 COUPON ALERT
Dannon Light &Fit Greek Yogurt 4pk 3.50 
V8 Blends 46oz, Fusion 2.50 COUPON ALERT

CVS Pharmacy 
Prices Valid March 1-7
Coke 12oz 12pk 3.00 (limit 4)
Dawn Hand Renewal 9oz .99 COUPON ALERT
Bownty 12pk 10.99
Charmin Ultra Strong or Ultra Soft 16pk 9.99
Jif Peanut Butter 16oz 2.00
Smuckers Preserves 18-20oz 2.00
Maxwell Wake UP Roast 30.65oz 6.99
Pace Picante 16-24oz 2.00 COUPON ALERT








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