El Paso Price Match List 4/17/17

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This is the Wal-Mart price match list for El Paso, TX

Sprouts Farmers Market 
April 19-25
cantaloupes each .98
Chiquita bananas per lb .48
organic strawberries 1lb 1.98
sweet honey mangos each .50
russet potatoes per lb .50
Italian squash per lb .98
on the vine tomatoes per lb .98
opal or pink lady apples per lb .98
organic grape tomatoes pint 2.50
vidalia onions per lb .98
organic yellow peaches per lb 1.50

April 19-25
ground beef 80% per lb 2.47 (3lbs or more)
chicken breast per lb 1.77
roma tomatoes per lb .77
Frito Lay Cheetos or Fritos 8-9.25oz, Simply Natural Chips 4-5oz 1.67 (buy 3 limit 3)
Blue Bunny Ice Cream 46-48oz 1.99
Gatorade 32oz .58 (must buy 10 limit 30)
pork sirloin chps boneless per lb 1.47
Maxwell House Coffee 29-31oz 5.00
Coffee Mate Creamer 32oz 2.50
Minute Maid Orange Juice 59oz 2.50
Scott Bathroom Tissue 12 Rolls 3.99
Scott Bat Towels 6 ROlls 3.99

Lowes Market
April  19-25
ground beef 73% lean per lb 1.79
cantaloupe each .97
chicken breast boneless skinless per lb 1.49
pink lady apples per lb .97
Yoplait Yogurt 4-6oz .50 COUPON ALERT
pork loin chops per lb 1.89
Chips Ahoy Cookies 9-13oz 1.98
Iceberg Lettuce each .97
grapefruit each .50
hass avocados each .50
pears per lb .97
baby carrots 1lb .97

El Super
April 19-25
mangos each .33
sweet corn each .33
C&H Sugar 4lbs 1.79
Pepsi 12pk 12oz 2.67
Wesson Veg, Corn Canola Oil 48oz 1.99
Morton Salt 26oz .67
Carnation Evaporated MIlk 12oz .99
chicken drumsticks per lb .79
cucumbers each .25
jicama per lb .25
red or white onions per lb .33
kiwi each .25
regular tomatoes per lb .50
red delicious apples per lb .50
Italian squash per lb .50
strawberries 16oz 1.50
mushrooms whole 8oz .99
gala apples per lb .50
regular tomatoes per lb .33
tomatillo per lb .50
serrano peppers per lb .50
bananas per lb .33
mango each .25

Los Altos Ranch Market
Received Email this store has closed

Food King 
Prices Valid
Ad not eligible because of additional 10% added on at check out.

April 16-22
Scott Paper Towels 6 Rolls or Extra Soft Tissues 12 Rolls 4.99 COUPON ALERT
Tide Pods 35pk 9.99 COUPON ALERT
Folgers Coffee 22-30.5oz 5.99
Bounty Paper Towels 6 Rolls 5.99 COUPON ALERT
Charmin Bath Tissue 12 ROlls 5.99 COUPON ALERT

April 16-22
Kelloggs Cereal 8-13.7oz 1.99
Maxwell House Coffee 11.5oz 2.79

April 16-22
12pk 12oz Dr Pepper Canada Dry 7up, A&W 3.00 (must buy 3)


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