Flagstaff Walmart Price Match List 5/17/17

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This is the Wal-Mart price match list for Flagstaff, AZ


Sprouts Farmers Market 
May 17
red cherries per lb 1.48
yellow onions per lb .33
blueberries 6oz .98
Cucumbers each .33
roma tomatoes per lb .77
yellow nectarines per lb 1.77
red mangos each .77
papaya per lb .77
organic gala apples per lb 1.50
Italian or yellow squash per lb .98
organic red bell peppers each 1.50

May 17-23
Sanderson farm chicken fryers, drumsticks thighs or quarters per lb.77 (limit 4pk)
cherries per lb 1.77 (limit 6)
organic tomatoes on the vine per lb .87
Store Brand Milk Gallon 1.89 (limit 2)
Minute Maid Pure Squeezed Orange Juice 59oz 1.89 (limit 2)
Gatorade 32oz .57
Blue Bunny Ice Cream 46-48oz 1.99 (limit 3)
Clif or Lara Bars 1-2oz .88
Blue Bunny Novelties 5-20ct 2.88 COUPON ALERT
red, gold green bell peppers each .88
mangos each .50

Food City 
May 17-23
country style pork ribs per lb .97
beef center cut chuck steak or chuck roast bone in value pk per lb 1.97 (limit 2)
Powerade 32oz .50
1-2-3 Cooking Oil 33.8oz 1.49
cucumbers each .33
red onions per lb .33
limes per lb .50
gold potatoes per lb .50
Italian Squash per lb .50
roma tomatoes per lb .33 (limit 6)
red delicious apples per lb .33 (limit 6)
chicken drumsticks per lb .57 (limit 2 value pk)
ground beef 73% lean per lb 1.77 (value pk limit 2)
TBone Steaks per lb 4.77 (value pk limit 2)

May 17-23
blueberries 6oz .88 (limit 4)
pork spareribs per lb .99
cantaloupes each .75
Coke or Pepsi 20-24pk 12oz cans 4.99 (must buy 2)
Nabisco Snack Crackers 3-9.1oz, Ritz 8-13.7oz 1.6
Lean Cuisine Entree 5-11.5oz, Stouffers Entree 6-12oz 1.67
Blue Bell Ice Cream 64oz, Cups 12ct 3.99
Quilted Norther Bathroom Tissue 6 Mega ROlls Brawny Paper Towels 6 Large Rolls 5.00 (must buy 2)
BUY 5 Save 5.00
Coke Pepsi or 7up 6pk 16oz 1.99
Kelloggs Cereal 12-18oz, 1.99
Folgers Coffee 22-30.5oz 6.99
Keebler Cookies 6-15oz 1.49
Tyson Grilled & Ready or All Natural Chicken Frozen 13-28oz 4.99 COUPON ALERT 1.00 off!
Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs 14-16oz .99
Philadelphia Cream CHeese 8oz 1.49
Ball Park Buns 8ct 1.69
Gatorade 32oz .57

May 17-23
Sanderson Farm split chicken breast drums, thighs or leg quarters per lb .77
pork sirloin chops bone in family pk per lb .77
ground beef 85% lean per lb 2.77 (3lbs or more)
Tbone or New York Steak bone in family pk per lb 5.77
strawberries 16oz .75 (limit 2)
Farmland Bacon 12oz 2.77
Lucerne Gallon Milk 1.89 (limit 2)
Minute Maid Orange Juice 59oz 1.89
Kelloggs Cereal 11-15oz 1.67 (must buy 3 limit 6)
Poptarts 8ct 1.67 (limit 6)
Malt O Meal Cereal 11-14.5oz 1.67 (limit 6)
Starbucks 11-12oz 10ct K Cups Peets 12oz 4.99 (limit 6)
Barills Pasta 12-16oz .99 (must buy 4 limit 8)
Classic Pasta Sauce 15-24oz .99 (must buy 4 limit 8)
Pillsbury Toaster Strudle 11.7oz 1.67
Doritos 9-10oz, Ruffles 7-9oz, 1.99

May 17-23
Beef Chuck Roast per lb 1.97
ground beef 93% lean per lb 2.97
Sanderson Farm Whole Chicken or leg quarters per lb .67
New York Steaks per lb 5.77
Tyson Bacon 16oz 2.99
raspberries 6oz .97
hass avocados each .69
Dryers ICe Cream 48oz 1.99
Outshne Bars 4-12ct 1.99
Cheetos r Fritos  8-10.25oz, Fritos Bean Dip 9oz, SmartfoodPopcorn 5-10.5oz 1.77 (must buy 3 limit 3)
Powerade 32oz each .44 (msut buy 6 limit 18)
Lucerne Large AA Eggs 12ct .69 (limit 2)
Starbucks 11-12oz< Peets 12oz Coffee 4.99 (limit 4)

El Super
May 17-23
mangos each .25
green limes per lb .33
roma tomatoes per lb .50
Mazola Oil 40oz 1.99
chicken drumsticks per lb .67
Cheetos or Fritos 8-9.25oz 1.66
Powerade 32oz .50
Bud or Bud Light 24pk 7oz Bottles or 8oz cans 10.97
Bounty Basic Paper Towels 8 Rolls 4.99 COUPON ALERT
cucumbers each .33
white onions per lb .33
bananas per lb .50
small avocaos each .50
Mexican squash per lb .50
tomatillo per lb .50
peaches or nectarines per lb .99
russet potatoes 10lb bag .99
gala apples per lb .50
jicama per lb .25
green beans per lb .99
strawberries 16oz .99
cherries per lb 1.29

May 21-27
Frito Lay 9-10.5oz or Doritos 9-10oz 1.88
Oxi Clean Detergent 18pk 20 or 26 loads 3.99 COUPON ALERTS
Bounty Paper Towels 6 Rolls 4.99 COUPON ALERT
Charmin Bath TIssues 12 Rolls 4.99 COUPON ALERT
General MIlls Cereal 11-13oz 1.99 COUPON ALERT
McCafe Coffee K Cups 12pk, 12oz 5.99
Jif Peanut Butter 16oz 1.99
Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps or PIta Chops 6-7.2oz 2.00
Palmolive Dish Liquid 10oz .99 COUPON ALERT
Gain 64 loads, Tide Pods 35pk 9.99 COUPON ALERT

May 21-27
Xtra Detergent 51oz 1.98
Tide or Gain Flings 12-16ct 3.94 COUPON ALERT

May 21-27
Lay Croix Water 8pk 12oz Cans 3.00
Lays Chips 9-10oz 2.00


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