Hastings Price Match List 6/28/16

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We have contacted your WalMart and they price match Grand Island!!  Please be aware that some stores change on Tuesday and others change on Wednesday.
Update on more price matching options in Hastings!!!  Allen's will price match grocery stores in Hastings and Grand Island and they discount two cents off.  They do require you to have the newspaper ad with you.

Price match list for Hastings, NE.



Russ's  June 28-July 4
Ball Park hamburger or hot dog buns 8 ct. 1.50
beef ground chuck 1.99/lb
Kemps pops or pop jrs. 12 pk 1.99
Washington fresh cherries 1.79/lb GREAT PRICE
Van Camp's pork and beans 15 oz. .50
Sweet Baby Ray's bbq sauce 18 oz. 1.29
Wish-Bone salad dressing 16 oz. 1.89
store brand gallon milk 1.99 GREAT PRICE
Crystal Farms shredded or chunk cheese 6-8 oz. 1.50
Chobani greek yogurt 5.3 oz. .89
Oscar Mayer hot dogs or smoked dinner sausage 14-16 oz. 1.25
strawberries 2 lb. 3.49

Allen's June 28-July 4
whole seedless watermelons 2.98 each
Washington red cherries 1.98/lb
Hormel boneless pork sirloin chops 1.69/lb
Kraft cool whip 8 oz. .88
Lay's potato chips 9.75-10.25 oz. 1.97
Dole classic coleslaw 14 oz. .99
Keebler Town House or Club crackers 9.2-13.2 oz. 1.79
Sweet Baby Ray's bbq sauce 18 oz. .99
Heinz ketchup 38 oz. 2.47
Powerade 32 oz. .66
Coke products 2 liter .99
Hiland dairy gallon chocolate milk 2.77
Skippy peanut butter 15-16.3 oz. 1.99

SuperSaver  June 29-July 5
ground beef 80% lean sold in 10 lb. roll 1.78/lb STOCK UP
green seedless grapes .97/lb
Kraft cheese shredded, chunks, cubes or crumbles 5-8 oz. 1.66 (must buy 4)
Bar S franks 16 oz. .68
Sanderson Farms chicken drumsticks or thighs .88/lb
Tyson sliced bacon 16 oz. 2.98
Yoplait yogurt 4-6 oz. .40
sweet corn .25 each
Kraft American singles 12 oz. 1.77
Skippy peanut butter 15-16.3 oz. 1.63
blueberries pint 1.26
vidalia sweet onions 3 lb. bag 1.77
Heinz ketchup 38 oz. 1.98
Keebler Club or Town House crackers 9-13.8 oz. 1.77
Mission tortillas soft taco flour, yellow corn or white corn 10 ct. 1.18
Xtra liquid laundry detergent 50 use 1.98
7UP products 24 pk cans 4.98
Kraft deli slices 7-8 oz. 1.68
Rotel diced tomatoes 10 oz. .88

June 29-July 5
Ground Beef 80% lean per lb 1.88 16oz roll (limit 2)
Pepsi 12pk 12oz 2.50
Lays Chips 9-10.25oz 1.48 (limit 2)
whole seedless watermelon each 2.48
Nathans Franks 11-14oz 2.99
Blue Bonnet Spray Butter 15oz 1.50
sweet corn 6 for 1.99
Lays Kettle Cooked Chips 6-8oz 2.00
Kraft Cook Whip 8oz .88
Bud Light Ritas 12pk 8oz 9.88
red grapes per lb 1.68
baby carrots 16oz .99
Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, Bologna or Cotto Salami 14-16oz 1.25
Nabisco Crackers 3-13.7oz 1.88
Kelloggs Poptarts 10-14.7oz 1.88
Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip 30oz 2.50
Hersheys Syrup 18-24oz 1.99
Little Debbie Donuts 8-10.5oz 1.67
Blue Bunny Ice Cream 4qt 3.99
Frechetta PIzza 20-30.88oz 4.50
Pepsi 2 liter 1.00
7up 2 liter 1.00

June 26-July 2
Frito Lay 9-10.25oz 1.99
Doritos 9-10oz 1.99
Kelloggs Cereal 8-13.7oz 1.88 COUPON ALERT
Poptarts 8pk 1.88
Maxwell House Coffee 10-11.5oz 2.99
Kelloggs Cereal Special K 10-12.5oz 2.50 COUPON ALERT
Nabisco Cookies or Crackers Wheat Thins 8-9.1oz, Triscuit 9oz, Ritz Bits or Crackers 7-13.7oz, Chips Ahoy 13oz, Chicken in Biskit 7.5oz 2.00
Gain Detergent 48 or 64 loads 9.99 COUPON ALERT
Gain Flings 35pk 9.99 COUPON ALERT
Snuggle Fabric Softener 32 or 40 loads Sheets 70 or 80pk 3.00
Tide Simply Clean 19-25 loads 2.99

CVS Pharmacy 
June 26-July 2
no great deals this week

June 26
Updating Lists Due to Multiple Locations Closing


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