Hastings Price Match List 6/28/17

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We have contacted your WalMart and they price match Grand Island!!  Please be aware that some stores change on Tuesday and others change on Wednesday.
Update on more price matching options in Hastings!!!  Allen's will price match grocery stores in Hastings and Grand Island and they discount two cents off.  They do require you to have the newspaper ad with you.

Price match list for Hastings, NE.


June 28-July 4
ground beef 85% lean per lb 3.49
Hiland Dip or Sour Cream 16oz 1.39
 Bush's Best Grillin or Baked Beans 22-28oz 1.59
Lindsay Olives 5-6oz 1.49
Nabisco Snack Crackers 3-9.1oz 1.99
Home Pride Wheat Bread 20oz 1.49
Kraft Miracle Whip 22-30oz 2.49
Sweet Baby Ray BBQ Sauce 18oz 1.00
Jet Puffed Marshmallow 8-10oz .89
Pampers Diapers 66-104ct 23.99 COUPON ALERT
cantaloupe each 1.49
Crystal Farm Shredded or Chunk Cheese 6-8oz 1.50
Chobani Yogurt 4-5.3oz .89
Kraft Natural Cheese Slices or Cracker Barrel Sliced Cheese 7-8oz 1.79
Oscar Mayer Wieners or Turkey Franks 14-16oz 1.25
Bar S Bologna or Cotto Salami 12-16oz .99
Oreos 8-15.35oz 2.50

Allen's June 27-July 4
watermellon each 2.97
Tbone Steaks per lb 6.99
red cherries per lb 2.48
Blue Bunny Ice Cream 128oz 4.99
Pepsi 12pk 12oz cans 2.50
pork steak per lb 1.69
Oscar Mayer Bologna or Cotto Salami 16oz 1.50
Bar S Franks 12oz .79
Green Giant Russet Potatoes 10lb 2.98
Vidalia onions per lb .88
Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper 4-7.5oz .97
KRaft Mayo 30oz 1.99
Che Mix Bugles & Gardettos 7-8.75oz .99
Kraft Dressing 14-16oz 1.67
Hershey's Chocolate Syrup 24oz 1.88
Honey Gram Crackers 14.4oz 2.44
Kraft Singles 12oz 1.88
Birds Eye Vegetables 10oz .88
Kraft Shredded or Chunk Cheese 8oz 1.77
Kraft BBQ Sauce 17-18oz .99

June 28-July 4
June 28-July 4
Blue Bunny Classics 4 qt pail 3.77
Lay's or Kettle cooked potato chips 8-10 oz. 1.48 (limit 2)
red seedless grapes 1.48/lb
Nabisco Chips Ahoy cookies 7-13 oz. 2.00
General Mills cereal 8.9-12.25 oz. 2.00 COUPON ALERT
Gatorade 8 pk 20 oz bottles 3.99
sweet corn .25 each
whole seedless watermelon 1.88 (limit 2)
ground beef 80% lean sold in 16 oz. roll 1.48 (limit 2)

SuperSaver  June 28-July 4
whole watermelon each 2.44
Kraft Cheese 5-8oz 1.77 (must buy 4)
Blue Bunny Classic Ice Cream 4qt 3.98
bone in pork butt roast per lb 1.68
Oscar Mayer Bologna or Cotto Salami 16oz .98
russet potatoes 10lb 1.97
Bomb Pops 12ct 1.98
red or green grapes per lb .97
Freschetta Pizza 20-30.88oz 3.88
Kraft Cream Cheese 8oz 1.67
Fritos or Cheetos 7-9.25oz 1.68
Skippy Peanut Butter 15-16.3oz 1.65
Kraft Mayo 12-30oz 1.98
Kraf SIngles 12oz 1.77
Kraft Salad Dressing 16oz 1.48

June 25-July 1
Frito lay 9-10oz, Doritos 9-10oz 1.88
Kelloggs Cereal 8-13.7oz 1.88
Poptarts 8pk 1.88
Tide 24 or 32 loads 5.99 COUPON ALERT
Scott paper Towels 68 Sheets 6 Rolls Extra Soft bath Tissue 12 Rolls 4.99
Nature Valley Bars 5-6pk 1.99
Maxwell House Coffee 10-11.5oz 2.99
Skippy Peanut Butter 16.3oz, Welch's Grape Jelly 30oz 2.00
Prego Pasta Sauce 24-26oz 1.50
Tide Pods 12 or 16pk 4.99 COUPON ALERT 2.00 off!

June 25-July 1
Ajax 12.6oz .88
General Mills Cheerios 8.9oz 1.99


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