Lincoln Price Match List 9/21/16

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Price match list for Lincoln, NE.


Save Best Sept 14-27
Yoplait yogurt 4-6 oz. .40
ground beef 80% lean 2.97/lb
yellow onions 3 lb. bag 1.29
tomatillos .77/lb
serrano peppers .77/lb

IGA Market Place Sept 21-27
tomatoes on the vine .99/lb
Jonathan, Mcintosh or gala apples 3 lb. bag 1.99
Nostimo greek yogurt 5.3 oz. .79

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market 
Sept 21-27
tomatoes on the vine .97/lb
large honeycrisp apples 1.37/lb
large red peppers .77 each
artichokes .77 each
green onions bunch .50 each
celery bunch .77 each
kale bunch .77 each
bunched broccoli .97/lb
red or green leaf lettuce .97 each

Sept 28-Oct. 5
fresh green beans .88/lb
red, green or black seedless grapes .88/lb
red or white onions .50/lb
green cabbage .50/lb
bartlett pears .88/lb
Minneola tangelos .88/lb
honeycrisp apples 1.98/lb
acorn, butternut or spaghetti squash .88/lb
Chobani greek yogurt 5.3 oz. .88

Schmick's Market  Sept 21-27
Smithfield pork country style ribs .99/lb
bananas .39/lb
beef boneless arm chuck roast 2.99/lb

Leon's Gourmet Grocer Sept 27-Oct. 3
Betty Crocker brownie mix 18.3-19.9 oz. 1.00
gala apples .98/lb
celery stalk .88 each
whole carrots 2 lb. bag .78

Russ's  Sept 21-27
gala apples .99/lb
red potatoes 5 lb. bag 1.99
honeycrisp apples 1.79/lb
broccoli bunch 1.99 each
sweet onions .79/lb
large navel oranges .69/lb
strawberries 1 lb. 2.00
raspberries 6 oz. 2.00
Progresso soup 18.5-19 oz. .99
Nabisco snack crackers 3.5-9.1 oz. 1.99
Nature's harvest bread Honey Wheat or Honey 7 Grain 20 oz. 1.79
Freschetta frozen pizza 20.28-30.88 oz. 3.99
Chobani greek yogurt 4.2-5.3 oz. .89
HIland cottage cheese 24 oz. 1.79

Russ's  Sept 28-Oct. 4
Dannon greek yogurt 5.3 oz. .79
bartlett pears .79/lb
fuji apples .99/lb
Mcintosh apples .99/lb
Keebler cookies Fudge, Simply Made, Vienna Fingers, Soft batch or Country Style Oatmeal 6-15 oz. 1.79
Hunt's premium pasta sauce 24 oz. .89
DaVinci pasta 16 oz. .89
Birds Eye frozen vegetables regular or Steamfresh 10-16 oz. .89
Huggies diapers snug & dry 58-80 ct. box 16.49 COUPON ALERT
bosc, anjou or red pears .99/lb
jumbo yellow onions .79/lb
Kraft cheese shredded, chunk, cubes or crumbles 5-8 oz. 1.49
Kraft macaroni & cheese or Velveeta shells and cheese 4 pk cups 1.59
Philadelphia cream cheese 8 oz. tub 1.29
Kraft American singles 12 oz. 1.79
Philadelphia cream cheese 8 oz. bar 1.49
Velveeta loaf 2 lb. 5.79
Kraft natural cheese or Cracker Barrel slices 7-8 oz. 1.49
Planters peanuts 16 oz. 1.99
Jell-O ready to eat desserts 4 pk .79

SuperSaver  Sept 21-27
boneless beef top round roast 2.98/lb
red delicious or jonathan apples 5 lb bag 3.00
Quaker Cap'n Crunch or Life cereal 13-14 oz. 1.73
Village Hearth premium white bread 20 oz. 1.18
Yoplait yogurt 4-6 oz. .40
roma tomatoes .86/lb
Hunt's pasta sauce 24 oz. .84
Keebler cookies 6-15 oz. 1.75
Eggo waffles or pancakes 8.4-14.8 oz. 1.68
Birds Eye frozen vegetables or Steamfresh 10-16 oz. .77
Coke products 24 pk cans 5.98 (limit 2)
Cottonelle bath tissue 12 double rolls 5.18

Sept 21-27
ground beef 80% lean 16oz 1.99
Driscoll raspberries 6oz 1.50
Tide Smily Clean 40 or 50oz 2.99 COUPON ALERT 1.00 off- Great Deal!!
Jack's Original Pizza 14-17.7oz 2.00
Hormel Always Tender boneless pork top loin roast per lb 1.59
Progresso Soup 18-19oz .99
cantaloupe each 1.99
Hershey's Baking Chips 7-12oz 2.38
Coffeemate Creamer 32oz 2.88
Foridia's Natural Juice 50oz 2.88

SuperSaver  Sept 28-Oct 4
boneless beef top sirloin steak 3.88/lb
russet potatoes 10 lb. bag 1.98
Sanderson Farms chicken thighs or drumsticks .98/lb
red or green seedless grapes .96/lb
yellow onions .47/lb
Pepsi products 24 pk cans 5.98 (limit 2)
Nabisco snack crackers 3.5-9.1 oz. 1.78
Fritos, Cheetos, or Rold Gold pretzels 8.25-16 oz. 1.78

Sept 28-Oct 4
Pepsi 6pk 16.9oz Bottles 2.00 (must buy 5)
Charmin Bath Tissue Ultra Soft or Ultra Strong 12 Double Rolls 5.99 COUPON ALERT
Bounty Paper Towels 6 Big Rolls COUPON ALERT
Tyson all natural chicken drumsticks 2.5 bag 1.33
Chicken leg quarters per lb .99
Little Debbie Snacks 10-16.2oz 1.67
Jif Peanut Butter 12-16oz 1.99

Aldi Sept 21-27
white mushrooms 8 oz. .69 GREAT PRICE
petite gold potatoes 3 lb. bag 1.69
fresh family pack chicken drumsticks 5 lb. avg. weight .49/lb


Sept 25-Oct 1
Scott Paper Towels 6 Rolls 3.99 COUPON ALERT 1.00 off- GREAT DEAL!!!
Cottonell Bath Tissue 12 Big Rolls 3.99
Maxwell House Coffee 22-30.6oz 5.99
Aunt Jemima Syrup 12oz, Buttermilk Pancake Mix 2lb 1.88
Quaker Cereal 13-14.5oz 1.88
Skippy Peanut Butter 16.3oz 2.00
Dawn Dish Liquid 9oz .99 COUPON ALERT

Target Sept 25-Oct 1
2 liter pop Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper 1.00
Yoplait Yogurt 6oz .40

Sept 25-Oct 1
General Mills Cereal 11-13.1oz 1.99 COUPON ALERT




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