Norman Walmart Price Match List 8/16/17

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This is the Wal-Mart price match list for Norman, Ok


Sprouts Farmers Market 
Aug 16-22
blueberries 6oz .98
red or green bell peppers each .50
green grapes per lb .98
red, white or yellow onions per lb .50
organic cluster tomatoes per lb .98
strawberries 1lb 1.98
blackberries 5.6oz 1.98
grape tomatoes pint 1.50
organic mangos each .98

zip code 73101
Aug 16-22
large mangos each .49
organic baby carrots 1lb .99
navel oranges 3lb bag 1.99
large seedless watermelon each 2.99
organic baby spinach 1lb 1.29

Aug 16-22
whole chicken fryers per lb .99
ground beef 80% been 2.99 per lb (5lbs or more)
yellow onions per lb .39
Lays Chips 9-10oz 2.00
Peter Pan Peanut Butter 13-16.5oz .99- stock up!
Smuckers Concord Grape Jelly 32oz .99
red delicious apples per lb .99
Nature Own Honey Wheat bread 20oz 1.99
Libby Vegetables 14-15oz can .55
BUY 8 Save 8
Jello Pudding or Gelatin 4ct .99
Capri Sun Drinks 10ct 1.49
Kraft Cream Cheese 7-8z 1.69
Planters Dry Roasted Peanuts 16oz 1.79
Kraft Singles 16oz 1.99
Kraft mac & Cheese Orginal 5pk 3.49
Maxwell House Wake Up Roast 30.65oz 5.99
Velveeta Shells & Cheese 3pk 4.49

LaMichocana Meat Market 
Aug 16-29
whole chicken per lb .99
roma tomatoes per lb .89
bananas per lb .39
Mexican gray squash per lb .69

Uptown Grocery
Aug 16-22
whole white mushrooms 8oz .97
large premium peaches per lb .98
Jennie O Turkey Breast per lb .99
red, green black grapes per lb 1.47
Yellow Onions Organic per lb .97
organic mangoes each .98
organic red or green grapes per lb 1.99
organic blueberries or blackberries 6oz 2.97
Thomas English Muffins, Mini Bagels or Swirl Bread 12-20oz 1.98
Dannon Yogurt 5-5.3oz .88
American Beauty or Ronzoni Pasta 12-16oz .88
Freschetta Brick Oven Artisan or Natural Rising Crust Pizza 20-30oz 4.48
Frito Lay Kettle Chips 7-8oz 1.98

Buy for Less
Aug 16-22
peaches per lb .99
red or green leaf, romaine lettuce each .79
bunch spinach each .79
red, green or black grapes per lb 1.49
Crystal Farm Shredded or Chunk Cheese 7-8oz 1.48
Eggo Waffles 10ct 1.68
Hiland Cottage Cheese 24oz 1.98

Aug 16-22
boneless center cut pork loin chops per lb 1.79 (family pk)
peaches per lb .88
nectarines per lb .88
plums per lb .88
strawberries 1lb 1.67
chicken wings per lb 1.99 (family pk)
Jif Creamy Peanut Butter 16oz 1.69
Pepsi 12pk 12oz 3.33
Heinz Ketchup 389oz 1.99
Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix or Syrup 24-32oz 1.99
Maruchan Ramen 6pk 18oz .88
ground beef 735 lean per lb 1.69 (5lbs)
chicken leg quarter 10lb bag per lb .39
russet potatoes 8lz 1.999
boneless pork loin roast per lb 1.49

Aug 13-19
Kelloggs Cereal 8-13.7oz 1.88
Blue Diamond Almonds 16oz 5.99 COUPON ALERT
Skippy Peanut Butter 16.3oz 2.00
Kelloggs Special K 10-13.1oz 2.50
Classico Pasta Sauce 15-24oz 1.50
Tide 48-64 loads 9.99 COUPON ALERT
Scott Paper Towel 6 Rolls 68 Sheets 4.99 COUPON ALERT
Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissue 12 Big Rolls 4.99 COUPON ALERT
Kleenex Tissue 3 or 4pk 4.99

Aug 13-19
General Mills Cereal 11-13.1oz 1.99 COUPON ALERT
Tide, Gain 92-100oz or Pods 35ct 11.94 COUPON ALERT
Scott Tue Free Bath Tissue 9 Rolls 4.99
Pepsi, Dr Pepper 7up A&W Canada Dry, Sunkist 2 liter .99 (limit 3)
Honey Bunches of Oats, Great Grains 11-16oz 1.99

Aug 13-19
Oreos 10-15.35oz 2.50


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