Omaha Price Match List 11/27/15

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This is the Wal-mart Price Match List for Omaha, NE

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No Frills/Bag N Save Nov 27-Dec 1
ground beef 80% lean 2.99/lb
Lay's potato chips 10-10.5 oz. 1.88
Honeycrisp apples 1.99/lb
Old Orchard apple blend cocktails 64 oz. .99
Pepsi products 6 pk .5 liter bottles 1.88 (limit 5)

SuperSaver  Nov 27-Dec 1
bananas .37/lb
whole boneless beef chuck roast 2.98/lb
Kraft macaroni & cheese dinner original 7.25 oz. .78
DiGiorno or California pizza kitchen pizza 13.4-34.2 oz. 4.85
Coke products 6 pk .5 liter bottles 2.22
Farmland bone-in pork loin chops 1.88/lb

HyVee Nov 27-Dec 1
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Family Fare Nov 27-Dec 1
ground beef 93% lean 3.99/lb
honeycrisp apples 1.99/lb
Yoplait yogurt 4-6 oz. .50

Prices Valid Nov 27-Dec 1
Fritos or Doritos  14.5-15.5 oz. 2.98
Yoplait yogurt fridge packs 8 pk box 2.99
Nestle Hot cocoa 6 ct. box .50 (limit 2)
navel ornages .77/lb
jonagold apples .88/lb
yellow onions .69/lb
Crystal Farms shredded cheese 8 oz. 2.00

Aldi Nov 27-Dec 1
sweet potatoes 3 lb. bag .99 STOCK UP
celery stalk .49 each STOCK UP
gala apples 3 lb. bag 1.49
navel oranges 4 lb bag 1.88
pomegranates .49 each
Butterball frozen turkey 10-22 lb. 1.19/lb

Bakers Nov 27-Dec 1
ground beef 80% lean 2.99/lb sold in 3 lb. roll 8.97
California seedless mandarins 3 lb. box 3.88
California seedless mandarins 5 lb. box 5.49
Fritos or Cheetos 7-9.75 oz. 1.99
General Mills cereal 11.25-14 oz. 2.50
Stouffer's Entrees 6-12.875 oz. 1.88
Hot Pockets 2 ct. 1.88
beef flat iron steak beef chuck 5.99/lb

Prices Valid Nov 29
New Ad coming Sunday

Prices Valid Nov 29
New Ad coming Sunday

CVS Pharmacy 
Prices Valid Nov 22-28
Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce 14oz .99 (limit 10)
Charmin Basic 12 Rolls 4.99 COUPON ALERT
Bounty Ultra Strong or Soft 9 ROll 4.99 COUPON ALERT
Kelloggs Cereal 8-13.7oz 2.00
Sun Maid Raisins 13oz 2.00

Prices Valid Nov 29
New Ad coming Sunday


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