Omaha Price Match List 8/24/16

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This is the Wal-mart Price Match List for Omaha, NE

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No Frills/Bag N Save 
Aug 24-30
boneless beef bottom sirloin sizzler steaks 4.99/lb
beefsteak tomatoes .99/lb
navel oranges .99/lb
Era or Simply clean Tide liquid laundry detergent 40-50 oz. 2.97
Keebler Cookies Chips Deluxe 11-14.8 oz. Sandies 11.3 oz. Famous Amos 12.4 oz. Simply Made 6-10 oz. Soft Batch 15 oz. 1.57
Pepsi, 7Up or Dr. Pepper products 24 pk cans 5.98

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market Aug 24-30
yellow peaches .99/lb
nectarines .99/lb
pluots .99/lb
cantaloupes .50 each
navel oranges .50 each
beefsteak tomatoes .88/lb
green beans .88/lb
red rose or russet potatoes .50/lb
Hass avocados .88 each
hot house cucumbers .88 each
bunched kale .88 each
celery stalk .88 each
green or red leaf or romaine lettuce .99 each
bunched broccoli .99/lb
bartlett pears .99/lb
Minneola Tangelos .99/lb
boneless beef chuck roast 2.99/lb

Supermercado Nuestra Familia grocery store  Aug 24-30
pork shoulder roast 1.99/lb
jalapeno peppers .88/lb
papaya .99/lb
jicama .88/lb
Ball Park franks 15 oz. 1.99
cilantro bunch .50 each
radishes bunch .89 each

SuperSaver  Aug 24-30
Colorado peaches .88/lb
Lunchables basic or snack duos 2.25-4.6 oz. .98
Hiland yogurt 6 oz. .40
boneless beef bottom round steak 2.98/lb
Hormel Black Label sliced bacon 12-16 oz. 3.98
Pepsi products 24 pk cans 5.98 (limit 4)
red or black plums .96/lb
Lay's family size or kettle cooked potato chips 6.5-10.25 oz. 1.87
Xtra liquid laundry detergent 40-50 use 1.98
Keebler Club or Town House snack crackers 9-13.8 oz. 1.77
Hot or Lean Pockets 9 oz. 1.50
Jack's original frozen pizza 15.4-17.7 oz. 2.50
Edy's ice cream yogurt or custard 32-48 oz. 2.88
oors Light or Miller beer 18 pk bottles 12.66

Aug 24-30
cantaloupe each .99
Bar S Jumbo Franks, bologna or cotto salami 12-16oz .77
drumsticks or thighs per lb .99 Value pk
ground beef 73% lean 3lb Roll 5.97
Farmland Sausage Roll or LInks 8 or 12oz .99
Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage or Bratwurts links 13-14oz 1.99
Sara Lee Whole Grain White Bread 20oz 1.99
Freschetta Pizza 20-30.88oz 4.50
Gain Detergent 100oz 9.97 COUPON ALERT
Little Debbie Snacks 10-16.2oz 1.25
Old Orchard or Healthy Balance Juice Coctail 64oz .99
Nabisco Chips Ahoy Cookies 7-13oz .99 (limit 4)
boneless skinless chicken breast value pk per lb 1.59
Blue Ribbon Classics Ice Cream Blue Bunny 1.57qt 1.99
Chobani Greek Yogurt 4-5.3oz .80
Jacks Pizza 14-17.7oz 1.88
Era Detergent 40-50oz 2.99

Fareway Aug 24-30
braeburn apples .88/lb
thick cut pork chops 1.99/lb
Era 50 oz bottle or Tide Simply 40 oz. bottle 2.88
fresh green beans .88/lb
roma tomatoes .88/lb
red onions .88/lb
red or gold potatoes .88/lb
mini carrots 1 lb. .88
red and green leaf lettuce .99 each
boneless beef rump roast 2.99/lb

Aldi Aug 24-30
cantaloupe .99 each
organic bananas .59/lb
baby carrots 1 lb. bag .49
baby bella mushrooms 8 oz. .99
red seedless grapes .79/lb
cucumbers .39 each

Bakers   Aug 24-30
boneless beef top sirloin or flat iron steak 5.99/lb
boneless pork half loin 1.59/lb
yellow peaches .88/lb
red or black seedless grapes .88/lb
cantaloupes .88 each
gala apples .88/lb
tomatoes on the vine .88/lb
broccoli crows .88/lb
Pepsi or 7 UP 2 liter 1.00
bartlett pears .99/lb
Tyson or Heritage Farm whole chicken, drumsticks or thighs fresh bone-in .89/lb
-Charmin bath tissue 6 mega rolls 4.99 COUPON ALERT
-Maxwell House coffee 22-31 oz. 5.99
-Starbucks coffee 11-12 oz. 5.99
-General Mills cereal 9-12 oz. 1.29 COUPON ALERT $1 off 2
-Kashi cereal 9.5-16.3 oz 1.99 GREAT PRICE
-Silk cashew, soy or almond half gallon 1.99
-Nabisco snack crackers 3.5-9.1 oz. 1.69
-Ritz crackers 7.5-13.7 oz. 1.69
-Kraft cheese 5-8 oz. 1.99
-Sargento cheese 7-8 oz. 1.99
-Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers 6.6-8 oz. .99 GREAT PRICE
-Nature Valley or Fiber One bars 5-12 ct. 1.99
-Breyers ice cream 48 oz. 2.99
-Coke or Pepsi products 6 pk 16.9 oz. bottles 1.99
-Snack Factory pretzel crisps 5-8 oz. 1.49
-Gatorade or G2 8 pk 20 oz. bottles 3.99
-Dawn dish detergent 28-34 oz. 2.99 COUPON ALERT
-Tide liquid laundry detergent 46-50 oz. 4.99
-Birds Eye frozen vegetables 9.5-14.4 oz. .99
-Ken's salad dressing 16 oz. 1.49
-Freschetta frozen pizza 14.54-30.88 oz. 3.99
-Iams dog food 9.3-15 lb. bag 17.99 COUPON ALERT
-M&M's candy 9.9-11.4 oz. 1.99
-Planters peanuts 16 oz. 2.99 COUPON ALERT
-Marie Callender's pie 28-42 oz. 4.99
-Chex snack mix 6-8.75 oz. 1.49
-Betty Crocker fruit snacks 6-12 ct. 1.49 COUPON ALERT

Aug 21-27 
Viva Paper Towel 6 Rolls 5.99 
Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissue 12 Double Rolls 5.99 
Purex Detergent 24-33 loads 1.99 
Aunt Jemima Syrup 12oz 1.88 
Aunt Jemima Buttermilk Pancake Mix 2lbs 1.88 Quaker Cereal 13-14.5oz 1.88 
Skippy Peanut Butter 16.3oz 1.99 
Gillette Disposable Razors 2-4pk 7.99 COUPON ALERT 3.00 off! 

CVS Pharmacy 
Aug 21-27
Wonderful Pistachio 8oz 3.99 
Maxwell House Breakfast Blend 11-11.5oz 2.79 
Quilted Northern Ultra Plus 9 Rolls 4.88 
Angel Soft 12 Roll 4.88 COUPON ALERT 

Aug 21-27
Cascade Action Pacs 34.2oz 3.99 COUPON ALERT .50 off! 
General Mills Cereal 11-13oz 1.99 COUPON ALERT 




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