Omaha Price Match List 9/28/16

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This is the Wal-mart Price Match List for Omaha, NE

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No Frills/Bag N Save 
Sept 28-Oct. 4
Chobani greek yogurt or flips 4.23-5.3 oz. 1.00
Starkist chunk light tuna in water or oil 5 oz. .69
ground beef 80% lean 2.49/lb
bone in pork loin assorted chops 1.33/lb
honeycrisp apples 1.99/lb
International Delight coffee creamer 32 oz. 2.50
red onions .99/lb

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market 
Sept 28-Oct. 4
fresh green beans .88/lb
red, green or black seedless grapes .88/lb
red or white onions .50/lb
green cabbage .50/lb
bartlett pears .88/lb
Minneola tangelos .88/lb
honeycrisp apples 1.98/lb
acorn, butternut or spaghetti squash .88/lb
hobani greek yogurt 5.3 oz. .88

Supermercado Nuestra Familia grocery store  Sept 28-Oct 4
tomatillos .99/lb
beef bottom round steak or roast 2.99/lb
red, yellow or white onions .99/lb
serrano peppers .99/lb
Chobani greek yogurt 5.3 oz. .88

SuperSaver  Sept 28-Oct 4
boneless beef top sirloin steak 3.88/lb
russet potatoes 10 lb. bag 1.98
Sanderson Farms chicken thighs or drumsticks .98/lb
red or green seedless grapes .96/lb
yellow onions .47/lb
Pepsi products 24 pk cans 5.98 (limit 2)
Nabisco snack crackers 3.5-9.1 oz. 1.78
Fritos, Cheetos, or Rold Gold pretzels 8.25-16 oz. 1.78

Sept 28-Oct 4
Pepsi 6pk 16.9oz Bottles 2.00 (must buy 5)
Charmin Bath Tissue Ultra Soft or Ultra Strong 12 Double Rolls 5.99 COUPON ALERT
Bounty Paper Towels 6 Big Rolls COUPON ALERT
Tyson all natural chicken drumsticks 2.5 bag 1.33
Chicken leg quarters per lb .99
Little Debbie Snacks 10-16.2oz 1.67
Jif Peanut Butter 12-16oz 1.99

Fareway Sept 28-Oct 4
whole New York strip loins 12-14 lb avg. 4.99/lb (limit 2)
Nestle hot cocoa 6 ct. .48 (limit 2)
Skippy peanut butter 15-16.3 oz. 1.48
Dole classic iceberg, coleslaw or shredded lettuce 8-14 oz. .88
honeycrisp apples 1.77/lb
gala apples .98/lb

Aldi Sept 28-Oct 4
gala apples 3 lb. bag 1.69
large cantaloupe .99 each
avocados .79 each
baking potatoes 5 lb. bag 1.29
red grapes .79/lb

Bakers  Sept 28-Oct 4
Heritge Farms boneless fresh chicken breasts or thighs 1.88/lb
Honeycrisp or Sweetango apples 1.88/lb
Kellogg's cereal 12-18.7 oz. 2.00
Nabisco snack crackers 3.5-9.1 oz. 1.99
Yoplait yogurt 4-6 oz. .39
7UP products 2 liter .88 (must buy 4)
Hershey's, Nestle or Mars halloween candy 9.2-11.5 oz. 1.99 (must buy 4)
red or green bosc pears .99/lb
iceberg lettuce .99 each

Sept 25-Oct 1
Scott Paper Towels 6 Rolls 3.99 COUPON ALERT 1.00 off- GREAT DEAL!!!
Cottonell Bath Tissue 12 Big Rolls 3.99
Maxwell House Coffee 22-30.6oz 5.99
Aunt Jemima Syrup 12oz, Buttermilk Pancake Mix 2lb 1.88
Quaker Cereal 13-14.5oz 1.88
Skippy Peanut Butter 16.3oz 2.00
Dawn Dish Liquid 9oz .99 COUPON ALERT

Target Sept 25-Oct 1
2 liter pop Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper 1.00
Yoplait Yogurt 6oz .40

Sept 25-Oct 1
General Mills Cereal 11-13.1oz 1.99 COUPON ALERT





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