Springfield Price Match List 2/25/15

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The Springfield Walmarts are giving some mixed answers on matching Save A Lot so please check with your local Walmart.


HyVee Feb 25-March 3
green seedless grapes 1.48/lb
ground beef 80% lean 2.99/lb sold in 16 oz. roll (limit 2)
Keurig K-cups Green Mountain, Swiss Miss Tully's, Cafe Escapes, Donut Shop, Krispy Kreme, Cinnabon or Gloria Jean's 12 ct. 
celery stalk .99 each
Blue Diamond almond breeze 64 oz. 2.48
Kraft American singles 16 ct. 12 oz. 2.50 (limit 2 must buy 2)
Kraft shredded, chunk or crumbled natural cheese 5 or 8 oz. 2.50 (limit 2 must buy 2)
Tostitos Cantina, Cheetos or Fritos chips 7-12 oz. 1.67 (limit 3 must buy 3)
Capri Sun juice blend drink 10 ct. 1.67 (must buy 3 limit 3)
Kraft Miracle Whip or Mayo 30 oz. (limit 1)
General Mills HOney Nut Cheerios 12.25 oz., Cinnamon Toast Crunch 12.2 oz. Trix 10.7 oz. Cocoa Puffs 11.8 oz. 1.98 COUPON ALERT
Sunny D 64 oz. .99
Jack's pizza original or half and half 14.5-17.7 oz. 2.50
Luvs diapers ultra leakguards 88-120 ct. 17.99 COUPON ALERT
Kraft macaroni & cheese dinner 5 ct. 7.25 oz. boxes 3.99
Michelina's entrees 4-9.5 oz. .79
Sunbelt bakery granola bars 8.79-11 oz. 2.00
Keebler Town House, Club or Sunshine Cheez-it crackers 6-13.8 oz. 1.98

Aldi Feb 25-March 3
baby carrots 16 oz pkg .69 STOCK UP
lemons .25 each
grape tomatoes 10 oz. .99 STOCK UP
baking potatoes 5 lb. bag .99 STOCK UP
navel oranges 4 lb. bag 1.68 STOCK UP

PriceCutter Feb 25-March 3
strawberries 1 lb. 1.79
hot house beefsteak tomatoes .89/lb
boneless chuck roast 3.99/lb
Dole garden salad mix 12 oz. .89
pork sirloin chops fresh bone-in 1.49/lb
green bell peppers .50 each
head lettuce .99 each
Malt-O-Meal cereal 24.4-36 oz. 2.99 COUPON ALERT 1.50 OFF 2 GREAT DEAL!

SAVE A LOT Feb 25-March 3
biggins potatoes 8 lb. bag 2.79
yellow onions 3 lb. bag 1.49
assorted pork chops 1.79/lb
beef strip steaks 5.79/lb
center cut pork chops 2.19/lb
Pringles 4.4 oz. .89

Woods Supermarket Bolivar, Mo Feb 25-March 3
fresh boneless skinless chicken breast 1.97/lb
green cabbage .37/lb
beef sirloin tip roast 3.97/lb
Pepsi products 2 liters 1.25
Minute Maid pure squeezed orange juice 59 oz. 2.47
Pillsbury Grands biscuits 16.3-17.3 oz. 1.50
Red Baron pizza 14.76-23.46 oz 3.00
KC Masterpiece bbq sauce 18 oz. .97 (limit 2)
ground beef 73% lean 2.68/lb sold in 10 lb roll (limit 2 rolls)
Farmland links or roll sausage 12 oz. .98 STOCK UP
Quilted Nothern bathroom tissue 5 double rolls 4.49

Harter House (Strafford Ad) Feb 25-March 3
American Beauty or Ronzoni spaghetti 16 oz. .99
red delicious apples .88/lb
green asparagus 1.89/lb
whole carrots 1 lb. bag .50
red or green leaf lettuce .99 each
hot house tomatoes .99/lb
green bell peppers .50 each
jumbo sweet onions .79/lb
HIland cottage cheese 24 oz. 1.99

Murfins Market Feb 25-March 3
Quilted Northern bathroom tissue 6 double rolls 3.99
Starkist chunk light tuna 5 oz. .59
t-bone steak 6.99/lb
Pictsweet frozen vegetables 6-10 oz. .99
Kraft natural cheese slices 7-8 oz. 1.99
tomatoes on the vine .99/lb
clementines 5 lb. crate 4.99
yellow onions 5 lb bag 1.99

Pennington's Supermarket Feb 25
new ad is not posted online yet


Prices Valid March 1-7
Dawn Dish Liquid 9oz .99 COUPON ALERT
Pepsi Products, 7up, A&W, Sunkist or Canada Dry 3.00 (limit 3)
Hersheys Candy 1.4-1.85oz .69
Folgers Coffee 10.3-11.3oz 3.49
Maxwell House Coffee 29.3-30.6oz 7.99
Pampers Jumbo Pk 18-37pk 9.49 COUPON ALERT
McCafe Coffee 12oz 12pk 5.99 COUPON ALERT
Kelloggs Cereal 8.7-13.7oz 2.00

Prices Valid  March 1-7
Tide 150oz, 90 load LIquid or 72ct Pods 17.99 COUPON ALERT
Dannon Light &Fit Greek Yogurt 4pk 3.50 
V8 Blends 46oz, Fusion 2.50 COUPON ALERT

CVS Pharmacy 
Prices Valid March 1-7
Coke 12oz 12pk 3.00 (limit 4)
Dawn Hand Renewal 9oz .99 COUPON ALERT
Bownty 12pk 10.99
Charmin Ultra Strong or Ultra Soft 16pk 9.99
Jif Peanut Butter 16oz 2.00
Smuckers Preserves 18-20oz 2.00
Maxwell Wake UP Roast 30.65oz 6.99
Pace Picante 16-24oz 2.00 COUPON ALERT

Prices Valid March 1-7
Cascade 16-20ct 5.00
Luvs Diapers 64-108oz 17.49 COUPON ALERT 









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