St. Joseph Price Match List 10/26/16

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This is the Wal-mart price match list for St. Joseph, MO.

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Oct 26-Nov 1
grape tomatoes 10 oz. pkg .99
acorn squash .59/lb
red potatoes 5 lb. bag .99
green grapes .99/lb
baby carrots 1 lb. .49
honeycrisp apples 2 lb. bag 1.99

Thriftway Oct 26-Nov 1
Ronzoni or American Beauty pasta 12-16 oz. .99
pork sirloin roast 1.49/lb
Tide Simply detergent 64 use 4.99
Kellogg's cereal 8.4-12.6 oz. 1.99 COUPON ALERT
honeycrisp apples 1.99/lb
whole carrots 2 lb. bag .99

Price Chopper Oct 26-Nov 1
Campbell's chunk soup 15.2-19 oz. .99 (limit 4) COUPON ALERT
Coke products 12 pk cans 3.33 (must buy 3 limit 3)
Hickory Country bacon 16 oz. 1.99
honeycrisp apples 1.49/lb

Apple Market Oct 26-Nov 1
boneless beef arm roast 2.68/lb
ground chuck 80% lean 2.38/lb
boneless skinless chicken breast 1.68/lb
honeycrisp apples 1.68/lb
Jif peanut butter 12-16 oz. 1.99
Gevalia coffee 10-12 oz. 4.99
roma tomatoes .99/lb

Oct 26-Nov 1
Lays Chips 9-10.25oz 1.88
Pepsi 12pk 12oz 3.00 (must buy 3)
Tombstone Pizza 14-28.4oz 2.75
whole chicken or chicken leg quarters per lb.99
Barilla Pasta 12-16oz 1.00
Totinos Party Pizza or Pizza Rolls 7-10.9oz 1.00
Freschetta Pizza 20-30.88oz 3.99
Birds Eye Vegetables or Rice & Veg Blends 10-16oz 1.00
russet potatoes 5lbs .99
7up 2 liter .77
Blue Bonnet Sticks 16oz .59
Bounty Basic Paper Towels 8 Reg or 6 Big Rolls 4.99 COUPON ALERT
Charmin Essential Strong or Soft 12 Giant Rolls 4.99 COUPON ALERT
Zesta or Krispy Saltine Crackers 16oz 1.38
Krispy Oyster Crackers 11oz1.38
Betty Crocker Brownie Mix 18-19.9oz .88
Xtra Detergent 75oz 1.99
Bush or Busch Light 30pk 12oz 16.88

Greenhills Oct 26-Nov 1
ground beef 73% lean 1.47/lb
Lay's potato chips 7-8 oz. 1.87
fresh boneless sirloin pork chops 1.67/lb
Kemps assorted ice cream or sherbet 56 oz. 1.97
Dole fresh cole slaw or salad mix 12-14 oz. .77
Belfonte yogurt 6 oz. .33
honeycrisp apples 1.99/lb

Oct 23-29
Hershey's or Mars Mini Fun or Snack Size Jumbo Bag Candy 13-34.3oz 5.00 COUPON ALERT
Maxwell House Coffee 10-11.5oz 2.50
Sun Maid Raisins 13oz 1.99
Kraft Mac & Cheese 7.25 or Easy Mac or Velveeta Cups 2-2.39oz .79
Campbell Condensed SOup 10-11.5oz .99
Orbit, Extra, Eclipse, Juicy Fruit Doublement 3pk gum 2.00
All Detergent 53-66 loads 7.99
M&Ms 8-12.6oz 2.50
Sparkle or Brawny Paper Towels 6 Rolls 5.99
Quilted Northern Bath Tissue 12 double rolls 5.99
Persil Detergent 50oz 5.99

Oct 23-29
Tide Simply Clean 40oz 2.94
Oreo 10-15.35oz 2.50

Oct 23-29
Coffeemate Creamer 32oz 2.50
Tyson Breaded Chicken Frozen Bag 25-28oz 4.99
Betty Crocker Cake Mix 15-16.25oz 1.00




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