St. Joseph Price Match List 4/27/16

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This is the Wal-mart price match list for St. Joseph, MO.

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HyVee April 24-30
Bush's Baked Beans 22-28oz 1.68
Yopalit Greek Yogurt 5.3oz .80
strawberries 16oz 1.28
Weight Watchers Smart Ones 4.4-11.64oz 2.00 COUPON ALERT 2.00 off 4!
Pepsi 12pk 12oz Bottles or 8pk 3.33
Pillsbury Grands Biscuits 16.3oz 1.25
Era or Tide Simply Clean & Fresh Detergent 128-150oz 8.88
whole white mushrooms 8oz 1.69
mangos each .99
pork country style ribs or pork steak per lb 1.99
Farmland pork Sausage Roll 12oz or 8oz links 1.25
Kraft Singles 16oz 2.99 COUPON ALERT
Bar S Franks 12oz .88
Lays Kettle Cooked Chips or Doritos 7-11.5oz 1.99
Betty Crocker Helper Meals 4-12.2oz .99 COUPON ALERT
Creamette or Ronzoni Pasta 10-16oz 1.00
Sunchips, Rold Gold Pretzels or Smartfood Popcorn 5.5-16oz 2.50
Heinz Ketchup 38oz 2.49 Ibotta
Quilted Northern Bath Tissue 9 mega or 12 double rolls 5.98
Luvs Diapers 92-146ct 24.99 COUPON ALERT 2.00 off & Ibotta!

Aldi April 27-May 3
ground beef 73% lean 1.99/lb sold in 5 lb. pkg 9.95 GREAT PRICE
fresh family pack boneless skinless chicken breast 1.59/lb
blackberries 6 oz. .99 STOCK UP
red seedless grapes .99/lb GREAT PRICE
strawberries 16 oz. pkg 1.29 IBOTTA OFFER .25
pink lady apples 3 lb. bag 1.99 GREAT PRICE
cantaloupe large .99 each GREAT PRICE

Thriftway April 27-May 3
ground beef 80% lean 2.49/lb
fresh boneless beef shoulder roast 2.99/lb
Malt O Meal cereal 22-36 oz. 2.50 COUPON ALERT $1 OFF 2
Spring Hill bacon 16 oz. 1.99 STOCK UP
Banquet dinners 4.85-8.5 oz. .88
Peter Pan peanut butter 13-16.3 oz. 1.99
fresh green beans .99/lb
head lettuce .99 each
fresh boneless beef brisket 2.99/lb

Price Chopper April 27-May 3
Healthy Choice Entree or Steamers 9-12.33 oz. 1.69
Oreo cookies 10.1-15.5 oz. 1.99 (limit 2) GREAT PRICE
Farmland bacon 12-16 oz. 2.99
broccoli or cauliflower bunch .88 each
pork spare ribs 1.99/lb frozen
Johnsonville fresh brats 16-19 oz. 3.49
Johnsonville smoked sausage 12-14 oz. 2.00

Apple Market April 27-May 3
russet potatoes 10 lb. bag 1.98
Tide liquid laundry detergent 24-32 use 4.88 COUPON ALERT
Charmin bath tissue 9 big rolls Ultra Strong or Ultra Soft 3.88
Banquet meals 4.85-11.88 oz. .88
Chobani greek yogurt (includes flips) 5.3 oz. .98 COUPON ALERT
Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, crescent rolls or Grands biscuits 4-12 oz. .98
fresh green beans .98/lb
Oscar Mayer angus beef franks or shaved ham or white turkey 12-16 oz. 2.99
Oscar Mayer turkey smoked sausage or meat wieners 14-16 oz. 1.79
Oscar Mayer selects sausages 12-13 oz. 2.49

Sprouts Farmers Market April 27-May 3
whole seedless watermelons 2.98 each
Hass avocados .50 each
sweet honey mangos .50 each
navel oranges .50/lb
red, yellow or orange bell peppers .98 each
gala or granny smith apples .98/lb
roma tomatoes .98/lb
fresh green beans .98/lb
organic blackberries 5.6 oz. 1.98
blueberries 6 oz. .98 STOCK UP!!!
Tillamook yogurt 6 oz  .33

Greenhills April 27-May 3
country style pork ribs .98/lb STOCK UP!!
chicken drumsticks or thighs .68/lb
whole watermelons 3.98 each
Libby's canned vegetables 14-15 oz. .49
Sweet Baby Ray's bbq sauce 18 oz. .98
7UP or RC products 6 pk .5 liter bottles 1.88
Birds Eye frozen vegetables original or Steamfresh 10-16 oz. .99
navel oranges 3 lb. bag 1.99
Peter Pan peanut butter 13-16.3 oz. 1.79
Belftone cottage cheese 24 oz. 1.99
Belftone yogurt 6 oz. .40

April 17-23
Wonderful Pistachios 7-9oz 2.99
Cottonell Bath Tissue 12 Large Rolls 4.99
Scott Naturals Paper Towels 6 Rolls 4.99
Orbit Gum 14-18 pieces .79
Jif Peanut Butter 16oz 2.00
Smuckers Strawberry 20oz 2.00
Purex Detergent 100 loads 5.99
Charmin Basic Bath Tissue 9 or 12 Rolls 4.99 COUPON ALERT
Bounty Paper Towels 6 Rolls 4.99 COUPON ALERT
Nature Valley Bars 6pk, Fiber One Bars, Cookies or Brownies 5 or 6pk 1.99 COUPON ALERT

Target Prices Valid April 17-23
Tide 48 or 36 load 9.99 COUPON ALERT

CVS Pharmacy 
Prices Valid April 17-23
Ajax Dish Soap 12.6oz .88
Honey Bunches of Oats, Cocoa Fruity Pebbles 11-16oz 1.99
Sun Maid Raisins 13oz 1.99
Persil 40oz 4.34 COUPON ALERT
Tide 150oz or Pods 72ct Original 19.99 COUPON ALERT
Snuggle 32oz or Dryer Sheets 70-80ct 2.99
Maxwell House Breakfast Blend or Original Coffee 11-11.5oz 2.99

Prices Valid April 17-23
Sparkle 8 Regular Rolls 4.49
Angle Soft 12 Double Rolls 4.49
Gain 100oz or Flings 63-67ct 14.99


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