Welcome to PriceMATCHERZ

We would like to introduce you to PriceMATCHERZ, the ultimate grocery price matching tool. We look through the weekly grocery ads in your area and compile a list of items that we believe to be better than the current Walmart price.  You simply click on your state and city, take your list to Walmart, and they will match all local deals.  We do not list every item in an ad, rather just items that we believe are lower than the Walmart price.  PriceMATCHERZ is a great tool for anyone interested in saving money on groceries but lacking the time to look through fliers or clip coupons.

If you are new to price matching be sure to check our tips and tricks here.

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If you have suggestions for additional stores we should cover in your area or if you have contacted your local Walmart and they do not price match a city listed, please drop us an email here.