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  • If your city is not listed but you live within 50-100 miles of a city on PriceMATCHERZ call your local Walmart and ask if they price match ads from that city.
  • SOME Walmart location will match competitor’s store brand prices.  For example: if Kroger shredded cheese is on sale for $1.50 for a 1lb bag, you can get the Walmart Great Value brand 1lb bag for that same price.  Call ahead of time and ask if your location will do this or ask your cashier before you begin checking out.
  • Before the cashier begins scanning your items let them know you have items that you would like to price match.  When the cashier asks you for the price they may also request the store name that you are price matching, which is on your PriceMATCHERZ list.  Important distinction you are not price matching the PriceMATCHERZ list, we just put the list together for you from looking at competitor ads.  
  • When price matching produce you have to match each to each or lb to lb.  For example if apples are .78/lb on the PriceMATCHERZ list and Walmart has them for .20 each they cannot be price matched. 
  • When shopping, I put all of my price match items in a reusable grocery bag. Then, when I get to the check out I put all my items that I do not have a price matches for on the belt first and let the cashier know that I have price matches for the items in the bags before they start ringing them up. 
  • Choose your cashier carefully. We have found that younger people are more pleasant to price match with. When we find a cashier that is super price matching friendly, we seek them out every time at check out.
  • If you are a GUY PriceMATCHERZ even works for you! We have sent our husbands to get the weekly groceries with a PriceMATCHERZ list and it never fails the cashier compliments them on their organization and willingness to get deals on groceries.
  • Walmart does not require you to have the ad with you so that really simplifies the process. However, having a printed copy of the price match policy in the pocket of a reusable bag, purse or wallet is not a bad idea in case you are ever questioned at the counter. 
  • For your convenience every store on the PriceMATCHERZ list has a link to their individual website.    If you need to reference a price you can look it up on your smart phone when you are doing your price matches.

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Look Out For:

  • When items you use on a regular basis are at a great price, you want to buy enough to last you for a while.  In other words: STOCK UP!  Also check out this blog post on using your freezer to build your stock up. Your Freezer Can Be Your Best Money Saving Tool!
  • Certain times of the year will produce the absolute lowest prices on particular foods such as when fruits or vegetables are in season or during holidays when baking item prices go rock bottom. 
  • Stackable Items - If you have coupons for items that are on the PriceMATCHERZ list you can use those in combination with the lower price to save even more!  Here is a helpful blog post on using coupons and price matching together A Power Money Saving Couple...Price Matching and Coupons!