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  • Our list can be used with The Savings Catcher, Walmart's money back program if another store has a better price.  Check our list to see what is on sale to make your shopping list.  This way you are buying items that are on sale and hopefully the Savings Catcher will catch.  The Savings Catcher does not match produce or meat so please keep that in mind as well.  
  • Use our list to see what is on sale and which store has the best prices.  Then make an informed decision on where you want to shop.  When grocery stores compete informed shoppers win!
  • Our list will not include all the best deals at each grocery store, including store brand items.   
  • For your convenience every store on the PriceMATCHERZ list has a link to their individual website.    If you need to reference a price you can look it up on your smart phone when you are doing your price matches.

Ibotta Learn About it...Love it!!!

Look Out For:

  • When items you use on a regular basis are at a great price, you want to buy enough to last you for a while.  In other words: STOCK UP!  Also check out this blog post on using your freezer to build your stock up. Your Freezer Can Be Your Best Money Saving Tool!
  • Certain times of the year will produce the absolute lowest prices on particular foods such as when fruits or vegetables are in season or during holidays when baking item prices go rock bottom. 
  • Stackable Items - If you have coupons for items that are on the PriceMATCHERZ list you can use those in combination with the lower price to save even more!